Field Engineering Services

ReCons is offering field engineering services. There are a number of reasons why ReCons is the best choice for world-class network operators looking for a trusted and reliable partner to provide on-site support.


If you are looking for a stable, experienced, and professional partner that you can rely on, ReCons is the right choice. Over time, we have developed best-in-class procedures to optimize the whole process of remote hands & eyes services. Supporting large network operators and servicing lots of sites every year, our ­Field Engineers are ready to visit customer sites 24x7x365.

Service delivery times

Through our best-in-class approach we can offer unparalleled speed in dispatching an engineer to Client sites. We offer next business day services for a standard list price. In case of urgent matters, we are prepared to dispatch engineers to attend the site as quickly as one hour from the service call time, based on the requested location.

‘White Label’ services

Our ­ field engineering services can be rebranded by our Clients. In these cases, our engineers act on your behalf, improving your image and increasing the satisfaction of your end users.

Central coordination

We provide a contact center for our clients, available for Field Engineer ordering, escalation, and information purposes. The ReCons professional remote supporting engineer manages on-site operations, coordinates cooperation between the ReCons Field Engineer and our Client’s engineers, can quickly establish conference calls and has access to an extensive knowledge base which includes technical documentation, local ISP contact details, and con­figuration templates. After every installation, detailed informational reports are generated.

Field Engineers’ skills

ReCons Field Engineers are perfectly balanced in terms of skill and price. For every job we assign a Field Engineer whose skill level exactly matches the experience required.