Connectivity Testing

Access and Transport Technologies Testing


ReCons offers professional services for cable, wireline, and wireless operators focused on verifying network performance. The global testing solution includes advanced testing instruments and applications available in ReCons‘s regional depots, ensuring the availability of service any place around the globe, including remote and hard to access areas.

For testing purposes, we typically use products from Sunrise Telecom, the market-leading provider of testing, monitoring, and work­-flow management solutions. With the versatile SunSet MTT (Modular Test Toolkit), our field engineers are able to install, verify, and troubleshoot multiple services and technologies using this all-in-one handheld platform. Our testing solutions cover an extensive range of network performance field tests, including bit-error-rate testing (BERT), service turn-up verification, network performance assessment, and IP connectivity testing. We fully comply with the RFC 2544 series of tests created to assess various parameters found in service-level agreements (SLAs). By providing performance availability, transmission delay, link burstability, and service integrity measurements, our Clients can certify that the working parameters of the delivered circuit meet the contract terms and conditions.

Key features of ReCons’s testing solutions include:

  • Global availability through a single point of contact (SPOC) for our Clients.
  • Market-leading tools and applications used for testing purposes.
  • Provisioning of the full range of common network tests, including BERT and QoS verification.
  • Integration with complex ReCons global ICT solutions, related procedures, and processes.

Supported technologies include:

  • Access technologies, including Copper, ADSLx, VDSLx, and SHDSL.
  • Transport technologies, including E1/ T1, E3/ T3, SDH/ SONET, ISDN, GSM, SS7, and Frame Relay.
  • Optical networks, including OTDR and C/DWDM.